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Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent for our rescue organization, Chester’s Corner Rescue Foundation! Providing safe and nurturing environments for our animals is crucial as we continue our rescue efforts. Since we don't have a dedicated facility, the number of animals we can care for depends on the availability of foster families like yours. Placing animals in foster homes allows them to receive the love and attention they deserve, along with any necessary physical and emotional care. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our animals are as content as possible until they find their forever homes.

We are committed to supporting our foster parents in this critical role. We supply food, necessary supplies, medical procedures, and medications for the fostered animals. Additionally, we request that our foster parents make every effort to attend pet fairs and veterinary appointments with their fosters. We also provide guidance and support, including information on the animal's medical history, behavioral traits, and specific care requirements.

We understand that foster families may develop strong bonds with their fosters. If both the foster family and the animal are a good fit and all requirements are met, the foster family will have the first option to adopt. However, the animal must have completed all required medical procedures before finalizing an adoption. The standard adoption process, including the adoption application, fee, and contract, must be followed.

It's important to note that all foster animals remain the legal responsibility of Chester’s Corner Rescue Foundation, and we reserve the right to make decisions regarding their medical care and eventual adoption. The animal cannot be kept or given to another party without our prior approval and completion of the adoption process/contract. Any medical procedures must be pre-approved by an authorized Chester’s Corner Rescue Foundation representative and coordinated through our rescue veterinarian.

We appreciate your willingness to open your heart and home to animals in need. Thank you for considering becoming a foster parent with Chester’s Corner Rescue Foundation!


Q: What costs are involved in fostering a dog?

A: While we offer essential items for fostering such as food, bowls, medication, a leash, collar, dog bed, crate and toys, any additional preferred purchases for the care of the animal are the sole responsibility of the foster parent.

Q: How long will I be expected to foster a dog?

A: The duration of fostering can vary. It could be from a few weeks to several months, depending on the individual needs of the dog and the time it takes to find the right permanent home.

Q: What if I develop a strong bond with the foster dog and want to adopt?

A: Foster families have the option to adopt if they have developed a strong bond with the dog they are fostering, provided all necessary adoption procedures are followed.

Q: What if I need support or have concerns while fostering a dog?

A: Chester’s Corner Rescue Foundation will provide support and guidance to foster parents. You can reach out to us with any concerns or questions that may arise during the fostering process.

Q: Will I be responsible for training the foster dog?

A: While basic training and socialization efforts are appreciated, foster parents are not expected to address major behavioral issues. We will provide guidance and resources as needed.

Q: What if the foster dog requires medical care or has an emergency?

A: All essential medical care or emergencies with prior approval will be organized and financially supported by Chester’s Corner Rescue Foundation.


Please take a moment to fill out the form if you are interested in fostering one of our animals!

Please select the species you are interested in fostering. Check all that apply.
Please tell us about any pets in the household:

We are an all volunteer run non-profit animal rescue. Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for us to respond back to you!

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